Did you know that we are wired to pay more attention to negative things than positive things? On one level it’s because negative things reflect danger and we are wired for survival. On another level it’s because, strangely, focusing on the negative causes us to feel more positive. In this regard, we are wired with sin. The outcome is a world that sometimes seems overwhelmed by criticism, negativity, and pessimism.
But the Bible says something much different. Because of Jesus, encouragement, hope and optimism reign supreme in the heart of a Christian.
Join us for our Sunday series entitled “Stay Positive.” It’s all about why and how a Christian can stay positive when confronted with negativity, how we can be a light in the darkness and what the scriptures say about the victory and hope of Jesus.

  • Stay Positive | I'm Grateful

    Jan 14, 2018, Per Nilsen
  • Stay Positive | Optimism and Pessimism

    Jan 07, 2018, Per Nilsen
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