Healing. Restoration. Reconciliation. Renewal: words that point us to a tomorrow that is different than today; words suggesting an area of our life that is broken, shattered, fractured can be made whole again; words that give hope; words that describe why Jesus died and was raised.

“Fixing Fractures” is all about two realities. 1) Many of us have experienced fractures and even failures in our family systems. There is much pain associated with family fracture and failure: grief, betrayal, anger, despair, deep sadness. 2) Our God is in the business of making things whole again: your heart, your marriage, your family.

As a pastor for 28 years, I can’t think of a time when more families/marriages found themselves facing crisis situations than now. We have a God that is passionate about marriage and family and yearns to bring His love, grace and truth to fix the fractures in your life.