May 21, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

There will be a picnic following the service. Hot dogs & chips will be available for $1.00 or bring your own picnic. Schoolhouse Scoops will be providing ice cream.

If you would like to be baptized or affirm your baptism, please fill out the appropriate form.

(First time baptism for anyone ages 15 and under).

(First time baptism for anyone ages 16 and over).

(Baptism for those who have been previously baptized either as an infant or older).

Immersion Instructions (pdf)

There will be a Baptism Orientation on May 17th at 7:15 for anyone interested. We request anyone that is being baptized under the age of 16 attend this orientation, and to attend with a parent.


Why would I want to be Baptized? Baptism is connected to the outpouring of God’s gifts and promises which include: the Holy Spirit, fellowship with all believers, forgiveness of sin, eternal salvation. It is a practice that Jesus asks us to partake in.

Why would I want to recommit my life to Christ through Immersion? There are times in the life of the believer when God brings a new awakening or renewal. For some it is important to mark these times with a rite or ritual. The Lutheran Church has always acknowledged the importance of the rite of affirmation of baptism.

Does Recommitment by Immersion mean that I am re-baptized? No. Baptism is a gift given by God. Once you are baptized, you are baptized. Recommitment acknowledges the receipt of that gift and the commitment to living life in accordance with God’s promises.

Other information:

 Please arrive 30 minutes before worship is to begin for brief instructions.

 What to Wear: If you are planning to recommit your life to Christ through immersion or be baptized for the first time, please wear appropriate swimming trunks or shorts, a dark t-shirt and appropriate undergarments.  We suggest you come to CoH already dressed in these things for the baptism. You are going to get wet! You will be handed a white towel as you exit from the pool but please bring your own towel to dry off in the changing area. And if you have a tendency to get chilled, bring a bathrobe. After you are baptized you will go to the area behind the sanctuary to towel off a bit and then can go change into dry clothes in one of the rest rooms.  There will be a place to leave your towel there.